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Chora, Folegandros
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e-mail: info@AnemomilosApartments.com
Tele: +30 22860 41309
Fax: +30 22860 41407

anemomilos-familyAnemomilos Apartments in Folegandros is a family-run hotel that first opened its doors in 1993.

Dimitris Patelis, an ex contractor, first came to Folegandros as a visitor and fell in love with the island, the people and -most importantly- with that piece of land on the edge of the cliff of Hora, where the villages’ one and only windmill used to stand. Unfortunately the windmill was diminished to a one-meter-high pile of rubble by then and could not be saved. However, its imposing presence through the years was what has inspired us to name the Hotel “Anemomilos”, Windmill. (anemos=wind -think about the “anemometer”- and milos=mill)

The initial idea was to use this land in order to build a summer-house. This thought was quickly abandoned because we believed (and still do) that this magnificent spot is too beautiful to keep to oneself!

Construction work took up almost 3 years, at a time when in Folegandros any large-scale building process was made even more difficult due to the lack of a hardware store or proper excavators. Hence, most of the massive rocks were actually removed with controlled dynamite blows. Most of the work was done manually and almost every detail has been scrutinized by the personal care of Dimitris himself who literally lived on-site.

The business grew since then and after continuous renovation projects (that included the bathrooms, the kitchenettes, the swimming pool and the restaurant amongst others) we celebrated our 20 years of operation in 2013!

Our vision still revolves around the initial goal to be able to offer the perfect setting for what we consider as one of the most precious things in life: your holidays. As a family business, our aim is to do our best to ensure that your needs are met and that you truly feel that you have found your home away from home.

We will be more than glad to host you in our property and promise to do our best in order to ensure that you have a wonderful stay, filled with pure relaxation, happy moments, and sun-kissed memories!

Welcome home!

Dimitris, Cornelia, Andreas, Diana and Amir (the English Setter)

Special features
Balcony, Wi-Fi, free transport from/to port
Hotel features
Room service, Bar
Room features
View, Air conditioning