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Evo - rent a car

Rent a car
Chora, Folegandros
5495 hits
e-mail: evorentacar@gmail.com
Tele: +30 22860 41623
Mobile: +30 6986 760676

The EVO company was created to provide safe and secure transportation to the customer who wants to move separately and not only.

With two reception desks, one in the port of Folegandros and one in Chora, we are always at your disposal.

New fleet, consisted by luxury cars, allowing you to a number of choices, paired by our  high quality services exclusively for you, your business, your family, your holiday.

EVO has a satisfying number of solutions, intended to cover direct and 24-hour service.

Move around and move smartly, saving yourself a lot of stress, which can ruin your day, with the cheapest and greenest way you can choose from our range of cars on offer.

EVO is always there.

Rent a car
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Proposals by Evo - rent a car
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